How to Play The Jimi Hendrix Chord

In this Guitar Control lesson video instructor, Sean Daniel, is going to show you how to play “The Jimi Hendrix Chord”.

How to Play The Jimi Hendrix Chord – Blues Guitar Lesson w/ Sean Daniel
Jimi Hendrix Chord
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Don’t forget to check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

Jimi Hendrix Chord

Eyes and help you know how things are moving, we have a little bit more of some tricks, they make us sound a little bit more of how Henry’s does it. We’re going to talk about the Jimmy Chord, now it is the ultimate sign of respect. The Jimi Hendrix, has kind of an entire chord named after him this is known as the Jimmy chord, there is a more of a professional name for it.

The seven sharp nine chords would be the stuffy music term for it, but it is widely known as the Jimmy Chord. It’s going to replace the five chords, no matter what level you’re at, you can do this chord. In fact we’ve already done pretty much the exact same chord earlier when you played this b7 chord.

We’re going to take that same, same. Let’s go back to the b7 little finger to a, pointer finger one, D ring finger to G, and let’s move up till you’re rooted on the seventh fret with your middle finger. Now we’re seven 6d, 7g, sounds almost like the Jimmy Cord to finish, your going to add your pinky on the B string 8th fret. Now this chord you’ll start to develop even more veneer from where this is.

That’s just one example of where he uses this spot, the way we’re going to use this is kind of killing on the floor spot. This is going to replace the five chord, what we did before which really makes a lot of sense because we’re routed the five chord in this key. They are one,four, five, then, jump back and forth between the riff, and the dominant seven chords just like we did kind of at the end of last video.

We’re going to have the first bar,the second bar is going to talk a little bit more about the rhythm, next video, and we’re going to the forecourt back to the one. The five fords, the four fords, walk it up into the vinyl, Jimmy course and then start the whole thing over again. We replaced the end of that turnaround from the video that we looked previously and then built the cord around the file note in that run 5e, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7a. The first beat of this, lets you establish your middle finger on the root note and then we bring in the Jimmy chord again 7a, 6d, 7g, AP, you walk the cord until you get to 5.

You could always replace the 5 chord with this, for example I’ll skip to the 5th bar and it works. You can always choose the five board as a Jimmy Chord, I think it works a little bit better as just the five chord in the turnaround so what I mean by that is you have four bars, I’m going to say it again, and again until you’re sick of the four bars of one, two bars of four, two bars of one and I’ll borrow five a bar, four and two bars. You can use it as a power five, I think it works better and Jimmy kind of uses it more as the twelfth bar in the twelfth bar blues instead of the first time you go to the five chords from one borrow five, to the one borrow for two bars of one.

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