Don’t Fear The Barre Chord – Easy Blues Guitar Lesson on How to Play Dominant 7th Barre Chords

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In this Guitar Control lesson video, will show you how to play “Dominant 7th Barred Chords”.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

Let’s get started, we know how the 12 bar blues work, how to move it around a little bit. Time to go electric and talk a little bit more about what you can do within each of those bars. The last thing we did was doing something in the key of a. Now we will be using an easier single note power chord on a board and a7 chord. Now we’re just playing straight-up bars into the turnaround.

We will be talking a little bit about how you can take a fuller cord and take things out of that fuller core, to make it sound a little bit more like Jimmy is playing, talking about a dominant 7 barre chord, a lot of people will get scared off by just the term power cord over. How about how Barre chords work to enhance your blues playing, so what we have said up top the sound of the blues is really a dominant seven chords, it’s like having minor scale stuff playing over.

What are the dominant seven chords a major chord with a flat seven is? . The one shape that is really important for blues playing is taking the fifth fret and pinch in between your pointer finger and thumb to get the best tone. Your ring finger will grab the fifth track on the a string, and your middle finger will grab the sixth fret on the g string.

This is an a root note dominant seven chord, remember we just moving it down a string to get to its four-chord. The nice thing would be, if you could move that whole thing down the string like that, you can’t move the entire shape down the string, but you can still move your root note down the string and do a different shape to get 8,7 for this one, anytime. You root a bar chord on the a string it’s five 8,7,5 g, 7b, then if you can get a high E string in, that’s cool, on the fifth fret, this four corner if you want to go in this way on your guitar, instead of up and down you can actually give the same shape and then go to the tenth fret.

The cool thing about playing in the key of a is usually on most guitars, specifically if you have a cutaway, you can do one chord here, the four chord here, and the five chord here. Again this is a novel power chord entire lesson. I wanted to go through the twelve-bar blues with just this chord moving along, the low E string right one bar of a7, two fires in the four board and on the tenth rabbis one, one, five, five, one bar of four, one bar a one, bar five or conversely instead of doing that by row of one, and five, at the end, going back to one.

Now it is starting to sound a little bit more like Jimmy, we have a strap electric guitar like a single-coil even you know we could go and back extra fender Ed O’Brien strap right here, but you know it sounds a certain way once we’re sliding, Jimmy does a lots of sliding, if you know acrobatics theatrics in his playing. To incorporate your ones, four, and five, on one string is something you could be interested in doing.

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