How to Play Sweet Sounding Minor Blues on Guitar

Nice little sample from Jimmy’s new course which
comes out next month… By the way, the first chord
he is using is an Aminor9 (open B string)… he explains
it earlier in the video.

If you wanted to do it with a pick, you certainly can.
It has a nice sound to it. If you’re not a finger-style
guitarist, don’t be intimidated; don’t let that stop you.

And then when we go to do the 9th chord — this is like
the bluesiest of all chords, right? I’m going to show
you a little move here, a little pick-up move. You’ve
heard that before, I’m sure, if you listen to much blues.
You hit your D-7 here. What you do is you slide up with a
little figure, which incorporates the C note on the G string,
5th fret, and your high A note with your third finger on
your D string. You just go.

Again, the importance of hammer-ons and slurs and all those
kinds of things are what color you’re playing. So when you
hit that D chord, if you want to just do it with your third
finger you can. You see this chord? I hope you can see this
okay. I’m going to decipher this chord. There are many ways
you can play it, depending on what kind of tonality you want,
what kind of voicing you want. You can play that same chord
up here. There will be tabs for this stuff, but what I want
you to do is mostly get the feel of this thing.

You notice how I’m using some vibrato there? That’s the
attitude I was talking about. Now to your 4 chord. Now here
you have an option. You can even go to this F-7th which has
a salty feel or a Stevie Ray feel. Or, if you want to make
it a little more lyrical, you want to bend the blues a little,
you can go to an F major 7th, which if you — a little different
voicing there, right? But it still resolves in the same way.

Now, if you want to do that up the neck and still want that
same feel — I don’t know if you can see that chord, but it’s…
As we travel along in “Blues Deluxe” I’m going to show you
several voicings of each chord so that you can go back to
this if you want to and say, oh, I’m up here in A; I don’t
want to go all the way down to here. I just want to go from
here and I simply want to move my pinkie here. See how that
transition goes? Very easy from an A minor to an F major 7th.
And there’s definitely a song contained in that.

If you go from A minor to F major 7th and just simply move
your pinkie right here to this note, an F note. It’s a really
great little passage and you’re hardly doing any work there
at all. It’s a little bit of a stretch, I realize, to play
this chord, but it’s a nice voicing. The option, of course,
is just a regular.

Now, here’s a small version of an F major 7th, and you
resolve to your E. And then I like to go to a D-9th after
that passing chord to the A minor.

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