The Best Of Jimmy Page Guitar Licks

You can’t think about rock guitar without thinking about Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page as iconic guitarist to say the least and helped pioneer a genre. Check out this free lesson from Guitar Control founder and instructor Claude Johnson on how to play some killer Jimmy Page Guitar Licks.

Jimmy Page Guitar Licks - Lead Guitar Lesson


Jimmy page guitar licksIntroduction

Hey guys Claude Johnson here with and I just want to give you a couple of Jimmy Page guitar licks. Jimmy Page is one of my favorite guitar players and you know he always had these really powerful soulful blues licks that were also a little bit flashy.

Jimmy Page Guitar Licks

For example this could be done any key, but now this is in the key of D and it’s basically just using this pentatonic scale. So I’m on the 10th fret and I’m going to go just three notes down with an upstroke and then pull-off and then down stroke, so you’re really only doing upstrokes. So it’s four notes, but I’m only doing two picks to pick up and down and the fact that I’m hammering- on and pulling-off of the middle is what allows it to be played really fast without really necessarily practicing a lot of technique.

Ok so that’s one lick, another one is the same position. So it’s basically and again just two strokes; I’m down stroke and pull-off and down stroke… try that and practice it. Check the link in the video description for the tabs and if you want to check out my course of lead guitar just go to

That’s all I got free for right now but we’ll be back soon so stay groovy. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and thanks for watching The Best Of Jimmy Page Guitar Licks and have a great day.


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