Southern Rock Style Lick

Hey, how’s it going Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I want to show you some Allman Brothers style leads.

This is really simple pentatonic scale happens to be a C sharp pentatonic at 9th fret so what we’re going to do is add just one note, so normally you know we’re playing up the scale 9th fret to 11th fret 9, 11, 9, 12 that’s the B-string, so on the B string instead of going 9th to 12th we’re going to go 9, 10, 12.

So let’s just take this leg for example these are very common kind of cliché, so I’m here on the 9th fret of the D-string and I’m going to go up four notes and back and then I go up again and here and you check the tabs for this that’s good too. Just check the link in the video description to get the tabs.

Now I want to show you one more thing, let’s play it an octave down and notice here on this part of the scale the lower string that extra note, it’s going to be on the 12th fret of the A-string so instead of just 9, 12, 9, 11, you have 9, 12, 9, 11, 12, so here we’re going to be down at the 7th fret and slide up, slide up back so this kind of shows you a little bit of fret board knowledge because this this is like the octave down for that and then you can see how you can slide back up into position alright so I practiced out, now I’m not going to show you this over a backing track today I don’t have that cued up right now I have to bust that out you can actually get over a thousand backing tracks at the guitar guide club that you can find out more about if you’re on my email list you can sign up for a guitar control. com if you’re not in my email list you’re just missing out a lot so hook yourself up and if you’d like to check out my lead tar course it’s been one of the bestselling guitar courses on the internet for almost a decade so check that out at guitar control. Com/secrets. Make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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