How to Play “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley – Classic Rock Song Guitar Lesson

Hey this is Matias Rengel with Guitar Control, we’ll be learning this song “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley.

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This song has two different parts that we’re going to be checking out the first one is the beginning is you have half step down so if you want to play along with the song you make sure your tune half step down on your guitar and if you don’t know what a half step down  is , I will show you at the end of the game so you’re going to put your index finger on the 6th fret of the 5th string and ring finger on the 8th fret of the 4th string pinky finger on the 8th fret of the 3rd string. Now you want to play only the 5th, 4th, and 3rd, don’t play on the other string. You’re going to repeat that eight times first starts and now we start singing right there.

So the full times always start singing at the 4th and the 5th time if you put a 4th time against so what I want you to do is be very careful with not playing the strings and for that middle finger is going to help you mute the six, the pinky is going to help you move the second and the first is mute a little bit by the index right you’re going to play that the strings no matter what if you hit and so basically you start earlier after the fourth a 1, 2, 3, 4, so that’s for that part now for the next part what’s going to happen so what you going to be doing it’s actually the same thing over and over but just me changing strings or changing positions but the shape if you see it as a drawing the shape is going to be the same so for the first one you’re going to play the open 5th.

Now I think it would be better if we do it without any rhythm at first we just see the notes and then I show you specifically in the rhythm so for the first one you have open 5th 4th fret of the beat 2nd fret of the 4th, fourth fret of the fourth second to the fourth. Now what’s going to happen is you going to play each note twice you’re going to put a little bit of a shuffle in there you know like okay so practice that just that practice that we talk so now I’m using this no I’m using these fingers like open obviously nothing here index here and then ring once again there if you want you can do from there what you’re going to play this exact same thing but you’re going to play it a string up so you’re going to play using six and the 5th right now you were using the 5th and 6th and 4th. Now we’re going to use in the 6th and the fifth so you would do the same thing over 15 4th fret of the six on the 5th 4th fret on the 5th song and again you play each note while so do you have you got this and then go to this.

Now there are two notes that we are not playing twice which is basically the last ones we do okay and you repeat that thing twice now see how we land there you’re going to play the 2nd fret of the 5th 6th fret of the fifth fret spread of the 4th 6th row the 4th for and then go back to the open the first one so you have it now you could play potentially this one is their way if you want you could just do this is too much of a stretch for you can do sacrum stays the same in 1st fret of the 4th four fret of the fourth then 1st fret of the third and then fourth of the four so now I think it’s cooler if you mute the strings a little bit with this part right there supposed to right now check this out that when I go into this one I only play it once just once so really we got to see so we go twice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson it’s a really cool song by Elvis Presley this is like a classic so make sure you download the tab to learn what I just showed you even better and make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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