Keeping Blues Acoustic Guitar Simple Makes It Cool

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to take a look at some Easy Blues Acoustic Guitar. While in electric guitar we tend to focus a big part of our attention on soloing and all the melodic elements related to it, in acoustic guitar the rhythmic aspect comes out as probably one of the main subjects. Anyway, both things, rhythm and melody, are equally relevant in all kinds of music and the blues is not an exception. In fact, the blues guitar began with some incredible acoustic players who had developed a great technique consisting of an outstanding ability to take good care of the chords and the melodic line at the same time. Many decades have passed since the beginning of the acoustic blues guitar but the needs of the blues remain the same. Being able to play cool rhythms and leaving the right space to create phrases in between the chords and riffs is still one of the coolest things that anyone can do with a guitar, and doing it well takes some time and dedication. Check out this cool VIDEO GUITAR LESSON ON ACOUSTIC BLUES RIFFS In acoustic guitar we try to keep it natural, and without the help of effects we need to use the instrument in a way where all of its construction resources help. Some of those elements would be the wood’s resonance, the natural tone and volume, the right use of the open strings, etc. If they’re used correctly, all of these aspects will provide a rich and warm sound that will inspire your playing. The use of the slide with open tunings, or even just playing open chords in standard tuning will help us to have more natural sustain. This is great for a guitar player who wants to keep the chords ringing in the background while coming up with some licks and phrases. (Sample 1)

Easy Blues Acoustic Guitar

Easy Blues Acoustic Guitar And remember that if you keep it simple it’s easier to keep it cool! Keep on playing! See you soon! Gaby P.S If you like acoustic blues guitar and want to go deeper, I really recommend you to check out this course in DVD: ULTIMATE ACOUSTIC BLUES

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