Cool Blues Riff In E | Easy Killer Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Check out this Cool Blues Guitar Riff in E lesson from Guitar Control instructor and founder Claude Johnson. Be sure to get the free tabs to go along with this killer lesson.

Cool Blues Guitar Riff in E - Rhythm Guitar Lesson on Blues Riffs

Cool Blues Guitar Riff in E


Hey, guys. What’s up? Claude Johnson here and today I want to
show you Cool Blues Guitar Riff in E – Rhythm Guitar Lesson
on Blues Riffs.

Cool Blues Guitar Riff in E

This is like in the key of E. So we’re just going to kind of
riff it off that low E string. You can almost pick out any
other notes. I’ve just got an E chord here. I could take the
A and the D string. I’m just using my middle and ring finger
and then I’m going to alternate to the open string. I could
pick other strings. Just get really wild with a lot of different
combinations. You can go up here. Here with the pinkie on the
3rd fret of the B string. Just wherever you want. The basic
rhythm is like one, two, three, four; one, two-and, and, four-and.
And then you go to your A chord, similar thing.

I really like the idea of creating your own riffs and patterns.
You can do this as like an improvisational thing where you can
just work on it. And when you find a really cool pattern kind
of turn that into a riff or the start of a song.


Anyway, check the tabs for examples. This gives you some
food for thought. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube
channel and, again, just click on the link and you’ll get
all the tabs, tons of cool stuff on our blog. So check it out.

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