How to Play Delta Blues Drone Rhythm Guitar in the Key of C (Blues Guitar Lesson)

Delta Blues Drone Lesson

In this video, Brooke Hubert will show you how to play Delta blues drone rhythm guitar in the key of C. This clip is an excerpt from his Mississippi Blues & Beyond guitar course.

We’re going to make another droning sort of repetitive pentatonic riff so we can get comfortable in this C position. So what we got here, we have the C but what I’m actually going to do is I’m hardly even going to play this note right here. This string right here we’re going to make a repeating thing that’s going to come off of these top three strings. So right now I’m holding this C on the third fret, I got this G string open, I got this C note right here and now I’m barring this four okay. So that’s your C and your F both up here barred okay so kind of like I was doing earlier with the G chord now we’re going to do this with the C.

So we’re going to set up a repeating theme very simple but eminently usable riff. Immediately brings to mind a sort of you know a Junior Kimbrough’s Burn In Hell type groove. Let’s look at this we’re going to do it real slow I’ve got a thumb and one finger groove going on we’re using the hammer-ons.

Alright and i’m doing a little slight bend here so okay now at that point in the riff what would normal what would happen normally a little bass run would come in. So right now we’re gonna add that in the riff so adding that bass riff in that just gives it one more little tiny variation. We’re setting up a repeating theme it’s hypnotic it’s going to draw the listener in adding that extra bass line in there is just going to give one more tiny element to keep it moving keep it interesting.

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How to Play Delta Blues Drone Rhythm Guitar
How to Play Delta Blues Drone Rhythm Guitar

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