Chicago Blues Riff


chicago blues riff tabs

I want to just play triads of the 9th chord
and I’ll give you a few possibilities here.
Also, how they tie together with VI chord triads.
They work really nice together.

For example, you’ve probably heard something
like… That kind of sound. Well, what is that?
That’s not… I would think of that as a VI chord.
Now, an interesting, cool thing here, and you hear
this a lot in Chicago blues. What you have is if
you move this down… Wow. What do we have here?
That’s a 9th chord. We have our flat 7, our 9
and our 5th and they work quite nicely together.

Let’s hear how that sounds against our backing track
so you can kind of get an idea of how effective these
chords and how wonderful they sound in this context.
Let’s get our backing track.


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