How to Play Hybrid Blues Chops and Soulful Grooves

Hybrid Blues Chops and Soulful Grooves

If we take and say we have a blues phrase on the 1st
string and it goes like this, again, keeping this real
simple at first is quite handy. So you go That’s our
top note. Well, if we play off this triad we could go
And that already starts to sound quite interesting. And
if we add in a blues note, that’s where we get that
signature blues sound, right?

Now, listen to it with this triad. When I learned
that I thought it was pretty slick and I use that
in my playing quite a bit. So that’s why Id like
to share it with you here.

Again, if you look at the top note, the phrase is
And then So that’s one possibility there you could
work on. And also, the chordal harmony, the same lick
Listen to the way it sounds with static 4ths. Pretty
interesting. Almost sounds a little bit like Miles Davis.

Now, again, you have to kind of pick the right song or you
might be playing in a blues group that’s not used to hearing
those particular harmonies. So you may not be able to use the
chordal harmony or the bass player or the drummer is going to
give you a strange look and they’re like, what was that? Did
you break your guitar? Otherwise, if they’re good musicians
or if you have a little bit of flexibility in your band or you’re
just jamming for fun and trying to create your own original ideas
and creativity, which is a big part of this whole video series.
It’s just to kind of give you some, I think, pretty hip ideas
and some cool ideas you can try.

Let me show you how that sounds against a track, all right?
Let me show you again because I’m going to give you a chance
to try these also after I play. I’m just going to keep it
very stock in the sense I’m only going to play this idea
that I showed you.

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