Learn How To Play a “Dirty Blues” Guitar Riff – Rhythm Blues Guitar Lesson

Hey, how’s it going this is Darren Goodman with Guitar Control, in this video lesson I want to show you how to play a kind of cool rock and blues thing. This is something I wrote a long time ago and never really had a name for it, but a friend said hey this sounds like “Dirty Blues” so that’s what we’re going to call it.

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This first part revolves around A, so we’re going to be pedaling the fifth string open which is A. So we’ve got A twice and then we go to the seventh fret of the fourth string and then back to the fifth string open, then fifth fret and fourth string and fourth fret and then back up.

This string is being peddled fourth string we’re on seven and when I go back to that seven I’m sliding on to that first half and then for the second half it’s more or less the same it’s just one part changes. So on the second time, it says sliding up to seven to the third fret of the fifth string throw a vibrato. That’s the riff for the first part.

All right so you play it through all the way through once and then you start over. On a second time you play the first half, so second time through and then we stopped there on four, and then what I’m doing is I’m just lightly touching the string for harmonics and then alternate picking and descending  because it gives that kind of cool little rock and vibe to it.

That leads us into the second part, for the second part this is very similar to a blue shuffle that you’ve probably done before. I’m on the second part of the fourth string with my first finger string is open. Again, we’re going to do that same kind of rhythm, the notes that we’re going to be changing are on the fourth string or to the second fret with your first finger on the fourth string and then to the fifth fret with fourth string with your fourth finger fourth fret with your third.

It’s the same rhythm were doing here, the same with pedaling that middle string between each time we change so here now calling off the frets for the fourth string just like on the last one of the first half, and the second half are almost the same it’s just the very end. The first time through, second time, third fret of the fifth string again we’re going to a C on both times, hopefully twice just like we did before the second time through it’s not the whole sequence.

The first half second time through, second half and then we’re going to do this little easy pull off lick. First finger on the second fret of the third string and then your third finger on the fourth fret and we’re going to pick and do the same thing on strings four and five and then we’re going to go down and we’re going to do the basically the exact same thing we did, but we’re going to do it on string six and five.

This time we’re going to the third fret of the sixth string, it’s a G instead of a C all right so this one just like before, will play through it twice but the second time through the second half is different so the second time through first half we’re going to do this little kind of climb thing, so we’re going to go power cord g5. We’re on the third fret of the sixth string with your first finger in the fifth fret of the fifth string with your third finger and we’re going to play that three times and it’s like triplets. Then we move up a half step that will leads us into the final part .

For this final part we’re going to be playing primarily on the fourth and the third string, you can do most of this with just your first finger. We’re going to do a slide from nowhere to the ninth fret to the seventh, and the fifth, and then when we get to that A, we’re going to strum the A take your second finger and go to the third fret of the fifth string which is C and we’re going to give a little bit of a bend.

Grab that third fret of the fifth string and then back to that third strings together and then we got this little kind of riff here at the end. So we have the A and we play it twice and then we do to the third fret of the fifth string with your second finger and then do a hammer on to the fourth fret and follow that second part of the third stage is an A.

Back into that original main riff, again you practice all the parts you know separately and then put them together and stuff. I hope you enjoyed that you got something out of it if you like this lesson be sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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