Easy String Bending Exercise Over a Blues Chord Progression in A (Guitar Lesson on Blues Soloing)

String Bending Exercise Lesson

Hey… how’s it going guys, my name is Jon Maclennan and I’m here bringing you this video blog for guitarcontrol.com and right now we’re looking at a blues in the key of A and I developed this kind of string bending exercise and it’s just a good exercise to work on your accuracy on your blues soloing, you know, with being in tune with your bands and also great for learning to just outline chords while improvising over a blues.

So what we’re going to do is we’re basically going to bend into the thirds of each chord in the blues so if we’re looking at an A7 a D7 and an E7, we need to find the third of each of those chords. So on the A7 the third is going to be a C# because you’ve got the root third fifth seventh. You know that’s the basic notes in the chord and then the third is a C sharp. So the note that I start on here is a B, a whole step below C sharp, and I just fourth fret try and bend it up a whole step.

So on this string bending exercise i’m going to do that as kind of like a target note over the A7 and then i’m going to move up to the four chord which is going to be D7 and that has a D, F-sharp a C in it. Just notes in the chord, so F sharp is the third and that note’s right here so I’m going to bend again a full step fifth fret second string. And then finally for the five chord i’m just going to move that up a whole step to bend into the G sharp note which would be the third right here in an E chord.

And these can be used as target notes. You know a really great way to just work on your improvising and you can do this in different places on the neck, but be sure to click the link below so you can get the tab for this and then you can practice along with what i’m doing.

So we’ve got the fourth fret band then the fifth fret band and the seventh fret bend those are the three notes that we’re going to try and play over the blues. Let’s hit this track and let’s give it a try. C sharp and then we’re going to go to F sharp back down to C sharp then up to G sharp F sharp C sharp and you may use this like in a blues like this.

So agian, on this string bending exercise, what i’m kind of thinking there is i’m doing a number of things, you know, i’m getting the target notes thinking of of a note that’s right within the chord and then i’m also just working on my string bending and of course you can add some vibrato on there as well.

So we’re going to keep exploring string bending exercises in more videos but be sure to click the link below and we’ll catch you in the next lesson.

String Bending Exercise

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