Classic Licks Played From “Hey Joe” In The Style Of Jimi Hendrix | Watch it now

Hey, how’s it going this is Jon McLennan with Guitar Control, I will break down some Classic licks by Mr. Jimi Hendrix from a song called “Hey Joe”. I really love this song and it’s one of the few tunes that Hendrix doesn’t tune down a half step on, he put some great licks up here in a pentatonic minor.


The first Bend is on the 15th fret of the 2nd string, bend up a full step using your third finger then you play the same note on the 12th fret of the 1st string and you descend pentatonic scale 15, 12, 14, and on 14, you bend it up a whole step release and pull off down to 12.

Then you add two more notes 14, 12, 14, on the 4th string 12 on the 3rd string, so I’ve got the first phrase and it’s your entire minor pentatonic scheme, basically this is a blues. Hendrix was a great blues player then he returned back up to that 15th fret on the 2nd string same thing this time slightly different ending so what we did was one once we get to that 14 bend grab our first finger to play the 12th fret on the 2nd string then back to natural 14 and then play 12, 14 pull off to 12 on the 3rd string and then you get that 12, you push it up slightly a blues bend and resolve on the note E 14th fret 4th string, so the second phrase goes like this bend a little too high there so I’ve got both phrases together those little I mean there’s so many little nuggets in there and what I do there is just 12, 14, 12, but I use a double stop, then you can slide into 14 just go up pentatonic scale.

There you have it those are some classic licks from “Hey Joe”, be sure to practice them over and over and add them to your bag of tricks.  Make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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