Rock And Metal Guitar Songs Played On Intermediate Level

Guitarists who love rock and metal and who are looking to expand their skills and take on new challenges should check out the following songs that are great for the intermediate level guitarist. While the songs themselves might not be too hard to play, the difficulty oftentimes lies in the solos, as each band listed has a killer guitarist.

“Enter Sandman” by Metallica
Is a staple for anyone getting into the metal genre, and probably one of Metallica’s most famous and popular songs. It has a cool groove and isn’t as raw as Metallica’s earlier songs, but it’s still a very heavy song, and a very fun to play. The riffs aren’t too difficult, but watch out for Kirk Hammett’s killer guitar solo.

“Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth
Like Metallica, Megadeth is a favorite among metal heads, and “Symphony of Destruction” is a perfect song for intermediate-level guitar players to practice their chops with. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple verse and chorus riffs though; Marty Friedman, known for his shredding, delivers a sick guitar solo that no doubt you’ll have fun tackling.





“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd isn’t as heavy a band as the others in this list, but they’re definitely more progressive and experimental, and their songs are deep and intense. “Wish You Were Here”, is a media and fan favorite, so most guitarists regardless of their skill level are usually already familiar with it. It’s also a great intermediate-level song to practice on acoustic guitar, as well as electric.

“Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin
The Classic band Led Zeppelin had their fair share of hit songs, and “Rock and Roll” is one of them. While playing like the great Jimmy Page will always be nearly impossible, intermediate guitarists should try taking a stab at playing this song, as it’s not as advanced as other Zeppelin tracks. It’s also got a great, high-energy groove, so it’s really fun to play.

“Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix is a household name for most guitarists, and “Purple Haze” can be considered a household song. While the riffs aren’t too advanced, intermediate guitarists are met with challenge from just trying to play like Hendrix, since his style is so unique. To truly play like him, a guitarist definitely needs to have their blues and bending skills down.

While these songs are great for intermediate guitarists, beginner guitarists can also learn from them and practice some of the riffs. Once you’ve mastered these songs, try moving on to other ones by these artists that are more advanced.

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