What I learned from Ferris Bueller

Hi Friend,

I grew up in the 1980s.

And when the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
came out, it was HUGE…

It was such a great film and has
really stood the test of time.
That’s what defines a “classic”.

Classic anything… Classic movie,
classic song…

Anyway…my girlfriend had never seen the
movie before so it was pretty cool
because last week we watched it
together on DVD.

Since I had already seen the movie
a gazillion times, what was really
cool for me was watching the
special features on the DVD…

The making of the movie, getting
the cast back together again etc…

It was fascinating.

To director John Hughes, Ferris
Bueller is more than a fictional
character — its almost like “Ferris”

Ferris Beuller represents the
free spirit in all of us.

He’s all about enjoying the day.

He’s determined to have a good
time in the face of anything
and everything.

He has no limitations in his
mind… “You can never go too far”

It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t
have a car, and he has to bum
rides off his friend.

He doesn’t worry about getting things
or things working out, they just seem
to (magically).

He ends up driving a Ferrari.

He ends up not getting busted by Rooney… LOL…

Most importantly, he never takes
himself too seriously.

He’s not caught up in himself
so he gets to enjoy life
to the fullest.

“Life moves pretty fast, if you
don’t stop and look around once
in a while, you could miss it!”

So when life gets you down,
just think , how would Ferris
handle this?

Helps me 🙂

And it hope it helps you.

Food for thought.

And speaking of enjoying
life, how’s the guitar playing going?

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Have a “Ferris Bueller” weekend
and enjoy that extra day off it you
got it!

Claude Johnson


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