Advanced Guitar Teachers – What You Need to Learn From Them

When you are ready for advanced guitar lessons finding advanced guitar teachers can be a challenge. While there are many beginner and intermediate guitar teachers out there, advanced guitar teachers are not as common. You may even find that some of the people you find that claim to be advanced guitar teachers end up not living up to your expectations. The following article will help you in your quest for advanced guitar teachers.

Advanced guitar teachers not only have to be very skilled in playing advanced techniques, but also have the skills to teach them. Just because a student is ready for advanced guitar lessons do not mean that they will pickup on the new techniques and ideas easily, there is a reason while it’s called advanced. Advanced guitar teachers need to possess special personal training skills and methods. Often advanced techniques require very unique practice methods to master them, simple showing someone how to “sweep pick” will not yield the desired results. If you watch advanced guitarists play you will notice that two different players may play the same thing, but it will look totally different. The individual methods of a guitarist will blossom when they reach the advanced stage and advanced guitar teachers need to be able to recognize these differences and be able to teach based on them. Advanced guitar teachers will usually specialize in one style or genres due to the level of skill in any one style required to play it, let alone teach it. If you are ready for advanced classical guitar lessons you would not benefit from advanced guitar teachers that specialize in metal or jazz, etc…

Some of the skills you could expect to get from advanced guitar teachers are; site reading in all of the positions of the fret board, alternate and open tunings, sweep picking and raking, hybrid picking, string skipping arpeggios, inversions for triads, arpeggios, and chords, multi voicing’s for chords, learning to use exotic scales for improvising and associated chords and chord progressions. Advanced guitar teachers may also offer help in other aspects of the guitar, such as; minor repairs, setups, and maintenance, learning about different types of amps and making adjustments for tone, and how to use effects.

Other knowledge that advanced guitar teachers could share with you are there experiences as a working musician. They may have touring experience that could help you avoid trouble on the road or with booking and playing live shows. They may have studio experience that could ultimately save you lots of wasted time and money in the studio if you had to learn by your own mistakes there.

One of the biggest factors in choosing advanced guitar teachers is finding someone that you click with. Since advanced guitar lessons are more like personal training, the instructor needs to be someone you can get close to and get the most benefit from the time you spend with them.


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