Playing Drums Made Simple | Easy 4-Step Formula

hi Friend,

I’m having a pretty sweet weekend!
My folks are visiting.

Last night we took my dad to see
the Boston Symphony Orchestra —
kind of an early birthday present
for him, but we all got to see
the show 🙂

They were playing Mahler’s 3rd
symphony. Never really listened
to Mahler before, but it was cool.
Very cinamatic music. I see where
John Williams (creator of Star Wars,
Indiana Jones music, etc) got some
of his ideas!

Now although I try my best to give
a lot of value in every email
I send you, I don’t have a specific
new lesson for you today — so
maybe it would be a good time
to review everything we’ve
been publishing on our blog:


Hundreds of lessons there!

I’ll also give you a practice
tip that helps me out, and that
is to have a paper and a pen
at the ready.

One reason is obviously so you
can write down cool ideas or licks
(actually I like to do that on the computer),
but another reason is that it helps
me clear my mind.

I have sooo many distractions and things
going on these days, that I find my
biggest challenge is remaining focused
and clear-minded when I’m practicing.
So, if something pops into my head,
i jot it down and get back to the practice.
I also sometimes do this at night to clear
my head of thoughts so I can sleep better.

Last week, I talked about the keyboards and bass
courses that we offer. Today, I want to tell
you about “Drums Made Simple”. Great course,
I’m actually in it as a student — it was
really fun to get the basic drum beat going.
I think every guitarist can benefit by learning
a bit of drums.

Check it out:


Also, the amazing “5 for the price of 1”
hard rock guitar learning package is really popular:

Grab this one while its still on sale:


Stay tuned next week for more lessons,
goodies and more…

Claude Johnson


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