How to Become a Truly Great Lead Guitar Player


Hey, its Claude Johnson.

I hope you’re having a great weekend.
Sorry I didn’t email you a lick yesterday –
I was busy working on a top secret

I’ll give you a hint –
it’s got to do with lead guitar.

You know what?

I never get sick of talking about

I love playing lead.

I dig teaching it, AND learning
how to get better myself.

I want to share with you a triple
pronged formula for becoming
a truly great lead guitar player.

1. First learn the basics. Get
your basic scales, and your phrasing
such as bends and vibrato, down cold.

I show how to do this in Killer Lead
Guitar Made Simple.

2. Learn to play from the heart.

Once you got the basics down, you gotta
give it some heart and soul and expression
and feeling.

I show this in Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

By the way, both the courses I just mentioned are included
in our most popular Guitar Control DVD package:

3. Become an Advanced player.

Developing your chops, speed, and working
on advanced techniques is the final phase
to becoming a guitar guru.

I’ll reveal more about the top secret
lead guitar project soon…

For today, check out these 2 advanced
packages if you are ready to go to the
“Zamner” zone.

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