Dayglo pirates + new video with female guitarist

Hi Friend,

I have a very EXCITING new video for you,
but first I want to share a funny story.

(Ok, if you just cant wait, here’s the video):

***The Mystery of the Dayglo Pirates***

The other day I was playing some tunes
on my guitar, and I started messing around
with this old Jethro Tull song called “Up to me”.

GREAT tune…

It’s off the Aqualung album. Great album
actually, the whole thing.

Anyway, in the third verse I think, there’s
this interesting lyric:

“The rainy season comes to pass,
the dayglo pirate sings at last,
and if I laugh a bit too fast,
well it was up to me…”

It got me thinking:

WHAT THE HECK is a “dayglo pirate”.

I googled it.

I didn’t find the answer but apparently
I’m not the only one that this lyric
struck a chord with, because it turns
out there is a Jethro Tull cover band
called the Dayglo pirates… nice…

So then I asked Jimmy Dillon, the pro
from the west coast.

It turns out he actually opened up for ‘Tull
once, but even he doesn’t know what it means.

(By the way, Jimmy has put out 3 really nice
courses with us. I suggest you check them out.)

Anyway, if you happen to know what a “dayglo pirate”
is or where that lyric came from, my curiosity
would love to know the answer.

By the way, here’s the chords to the verse.
This chord progression is HOT:


Take you to the cinema

And leave you in a wimpy bar

You tell me that we’ve gone too far

Am D/F#
Come running up to me


Ok, now… wheh… glad to get THAT
one off my chest.

I have another cool story for you
(totally unrelated) next time.

But I would like to share the latest
greatest blog, video, and course
that’s coming out.

Classical Guitar Secrets !

With Lily Afshar!

Yes, our first female instructor 🙂

Please check it out and post your comment!

(did I mention to post your comment pleeeease ) 🙂

Rock on, Claude Johnson

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