How To Play Mi Favorita On Classical Guitar

In this Guitar Control video lesson instructor Lily Afshar, will show you her favorite Classical guitar called “Mi favorita”. A beautiful Spanish piece and it’s anonymous so we know we don’t know who wrote it it’s a very romantic piece I think we can do a lot of rubato with this piece it’s not meant to be played straight like a metronome.


First of all let’s talk about the form of it the form is we have an introduction which is made up of octaves and an order descending arpeggio and a harmonic leading us into the melody the form of this piece so we have introduction then we have the A section which repeats so we have A, then we have the B section and back to the A and then the C section back to A so the form is introduction A-A-B-A-C-A, a lot of repeats to follow.

So the only thing that’s really important here is the melody and how what you do with this melody I have the push and pull that you use in the melody, the dynamics also is the other things that will help you play it better for example there’s portamento and if you look at the end of the first line right after this G there’s a slanted line going to a B that’s a portamento, and that means it’s an expressive sigh a portamento, so we want to attach G to B and release the pressure a little bit going from G to B you don’t want to hear all the note too much so release it, and then put it back down on B it’s really and very something that singers do all the time when they think they use portamento is to connect two notes together.

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