How To Play Road Trippin | Easy Acoustic Guitar Tabs


I want to share some free easy guitar tabs for beginners acoustic players. The song I’m to show is a classic from the end of 90’s / beginning of the 2000’s. I remember I learned this song on my 7th guitar class. I brought it to my teacher and he adapted it in a way I could play because the original was clearly hard for me to play since I was a beginner. I have adapted the song for you, so it’s easier to play no matter what your skills are.

The first thing I wanna show you is the chords of the song, so you can start getting used to the changes. The song we are going to learn is “Road Trippin’” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s just such a great song to play at most situations and it is so relaxing. Let’s take a look at the chords we will be using:

It’s a very simple progression as you can see. For the most part you won’t be even using the full chord, but it’s good to know the entire progression so your fingers get used to the changes, even if you are not using all the strings. Now, for the actual song there is an acoustic bass that brings in a driving rhythm, but the guitar part in general is pretty simple. Let’s take a look at it:

I would obviously suggest to play the lowest, bass notes with your thumb and the rest with your index, middle and ring finger. The pinky finger is not really used on this song. Another thing to keep in mind is that the original recording is played on an acoustic guitar, so you might wanna keep that in mind when practicing it. If you would like to bring in more rhythm to this, to imitate the bass, you could basically play the lowest note on every beat; it would be a bit trickier to coordinate with the upper melody, but it would sound really good.

This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our entire database of videos here:

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