How to Write a Song on the Spot

Here´s another interesting excerpt from the course `Acoustic Cafe´ with Jimmy Dillon.

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In this Guitar Control video lesson, we’re going to try something a little bit experimental here, all controversial. When I was talking virtual earlier and we’re saying how about if we just throw out an idea and write us on the spot we’re talking about song right let’s prove we can do it. Also I’ll throw at you I didn’t with means we’ll see what happened but was yeah so here’s what we’re trying to capture you’re in love and things are going well in but it’s not over but you’re not sure so you wanted to come back which is just song that I wrote but I’m curious how you’re going to interpret that okay kind of like will you come back to those kisses in won’t you stay with something to because I want to kind of decode where might my brain goes that’s what we tried to use instructional movies, talk about the unconscious process that we don’t really think about except and turn on the cameras there so first of all when you gave me the topic that you just gave me as sad as you thought I got to go to the saddest chord, I know just a minor and I’m going to take an even make it A minor sus 2 also the tempo slower the tempo the satiric feel of a dirge.

Now go back to where we are now we’re talking about a more uplifting vibe so automatically my brain sticking ok I want to be in here you know I want to be major chords maybe some seven because I think I 7 has a certain up feel it’s a little more exciting so you know what about you I mean you can probably do that to wear under certain scale certain chords and ranges if you want to capture certain feels, well if you know a major chord by nature isn’t up thing it’s a positive kind of in a major 7th chord which actually played, another thing you’ll hear this modern acoustic stuff a lot you haven’t is mio salsa now this is also reminiscent of the song recently. I can’t remember who does this but I’m going to walk you walk right out of my life you’re going to walk my hat now it’s kind of an upbeat song but it’s got lyrics that are very biting and cutting why don’t you walk that those pretty legs right out of my life you know and we also talked about how about a happy song with terribly sad lyrics so much where my mind went when we said let’s do something happy let’s do the music up and let’s do the lyrics not happy you know things aren’t ok but we got that so I’m just going to D major 7 first.


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