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So you want to learn to play the guitar? Well you have come to the right place. Darrin here from and today I want to help you learn guitar basics to get you started on your guitar journey. First, let’s take a look at the anatomy of the guitar. You have six strings and when you look from a bird’s eye view they start with the largest gauge size and get smaller and lowest pitch and get higher. The top string is lowest pitched and is actually counted as the 6th string and is tuned to the note “E”. The next string would be the 5th string and it is tuned to the note “A”. Next is the 4th string, “D” and then the 3rd string, “G” and then the 2nd string, “B” and finally the first string which is also tuned to the note “E”. Next you have the metal bars across the fretboard, which are called frets. When you “fret” a note, you want to place your finger just behind the fret wire. The following illustration identifies all of the parts of both the acoustic and electric guitar. learn-guitar-basics-diagram.png When tuning the guitar you turn the tuners counter clockwise to tighten (go up in pitch) and clockwise to loosen (go down in pitch). There are some great free guitar tuning apps for both Android and iphone available. Being in tune is the most important thing, no matter how good you can play if you are not in tune it will not sound good. Rest the waist section of the guitars body on your let. Most people rest the guitar on there right leg, but classical guitarists use the left leg; I personally prefer the left leg as it makes it easier to access the whole neck. Start off by learning how to tune your guitar and then some basic chords and strumming patterns and you will be well on your way to learning to play some of your favorite songs. Check out the beginners section at for many free beginner lessons that will get you going.

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I hope you found this helpful on your quest for learning the guitar. Off to practice, Darrin

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