Learn How to Use the Blue Note – Lead Guitar Lesson on the Blue Note

Learn How to Use the Blue Note – Lead Guitar Lesson on the Blue Note

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson with from guitarcontrol.com and I
want to give you a nice, short and sweet mini lesson here,
again, on the blue note.

We talked before about how if you’re in the key of A you can
use the note E flat. Instead of like your usual blues licks
you can throw-in that blue note.

That is cool because that one is on the G string. Today
I want to show you the one on the A string. This one you
can just — kind of in between these two. Instead of this,
you have… It’s a nice little passing tone. You can use
it descending or ascending. Try that out and let me know
how you make out.

If you’d like to learn more about how you use the blue note
to spice-up your leads, that’s one important topic I go over
in “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”. You can check that out.

Actually, you’ve got two things to check-out. One, you can
go to the link in the video description and get the tabs for
this lesson. Or, if you want to check-out “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”
just go to guitarcontrol.com/secrets. Thanks for watching.


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