Shorten The Guitar Player Feedback Loop

This is where the 3 secrets to a brain-to-hand connection “all comes together” in a beautiful way.

I want you to compare what’s going on inside the mind of a mediocre guitarist versus a great guitar player:

The 3rd step is UNECESSARY (once you get to a certain level)  and this is what seperates: great sounding guitarists with amateur 6-stringers.  If the so-so guitar player uses the new system I’ve been working on for the past 6 months, called “Tone Tutor”, his “Guitar Player Loop” will transform into a powerful 3 step loop instead.

Tone Tutor makes ear training: A BLAST – it’s fun, and easy. 

You are literally going to be playing video games and training your ear to the world-class level all at the same time.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share more details on how the system works.  It’s part of the ultimate “ear training solution” as you’ll see tomorrow.

We are going to release this Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at noon Eastern Standard Time.  We are going to give some HUGE INCENTIVES to anyone who orders quickly.  So mark this down on your calendar and even set up an alarm to remind yourself for noon on Wednesday.

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