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hey Friend,

So this has been all over the news for
the last month: Government spying.
I’m going to go on a real rant
today, so get ready lol…

By the way, if you’d rather learn some
guitar stuff than listen to my rant,
then by all means:

Check out today’s lesson where Johnny Mac
shows us some groovy jazz stuff in the
style of Joe Pass, one of the all time
guitar greats:



Ok, so if you haven’t heard yet,
the U.S. government has been
snooping on your emails and storing
everything you do online, even
if you’re NOT a U.S. citizen…
And recording all your phone calls too.

What do you think about that?

I think if you’re not outraged,
you’re not paying enough attention!

Even IF you believed that mass spying
was necessary to stop terrorists
(and I don’t)…

Now that Snowden let the cat out
of the bag (thank you Mr. Snowden),
there’s no need to continue the
spying because all but the stupidest
“bad guys” are going to use encrypted
communications anyway.

So much for “striking a balance”
between safety and liberty as
the media would like us to believe.

I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! lol…

Here’s the bigger picture:

The reason that government injustices
continue, is that most people are
not well informed (because the media
is controlled by the same elite interests).

And if there’s one thing that the statists,
tyrants, bureaucrats, and corrupted
politicians fear, its a well-informed populace.

That’s why I don’t weep for humanity today.

Mankind has marched steadily toward freedom
over the centuries, and with today’s technology,
that trend will only accelerate, despite the
obvious counter-efforts.

Things may get worse before they get better.

But in the end, freedom and prosperity should

In the meantime, if you don’t want big brother
to spy on your internet activities, there’s
readily available tools you can use to get
around that. For example, the TOR browser.
Look it up 🙂

Perhaps the most important thing is never
let them steal your peace of mind.

Embrace the concept of “living free in an unfree world”.

And enjoy yourself.

That’s just another reason to play guitar.
I’ll send you some samples soon of my
new course: “Supercharged Soloing Made Simple”.

Claude Johnson

P.S. In the meantime, please check out my original
lead guitar course:


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