“I have the right to perform badly”

Hi Friend,

A couple years ago, I bought
a book called “The artists way”.

Pretty much it sat on my shelf
for a long while.

But i’ve been thumbing through
it recently, picking up little
nuggets of wisdom.

Here’s a cool quote:

“Sometimes I will write badly, draw badly,
paint badly, perform badly. I have a right
to do that to get to the other side.”

I think that quote is awesome!

It’s good to be reminded of the laws of nature —
that we MUST sound bad sometimes in order to
push our boundaries. It’s the only way we grow.

Some people say they that they improve
the most from playing live shows. Heck,
even Kenny Wayne Shepherd told me that
when I interviewed him.

And, as someone who’s played in bands for
many years, I see the truth in that.
You’re held up to a higher standard
as a performer and the rubber really
hits the road.

But I also think there’s just as much
opportunity in sitting at home and
playing, WITHOUT the requirement
that everything is going to sound good
all the time.

It gives you the space to figure things out.
You have the freedom to try new things and
there is no penalty for making a mistake.

Anything goes.

New possibilities arise.

After all, there is performing, and then there
is band practice. And if you’ve ever
played in a band, you know that your bandmates
appreciate you practicing BEFORE the
practice, on your own, and showing up

Albert King said he played for 5 years alone
before he let another soul hear him play.
Of course, he was a drummer before he
played guitar, but I’m getting totally off
the topic.

My point is: Never get upset cause you
are sounding bad on the guitar. Just
keep working through it.

Of course, it helps to have great teachers
and it also really helps to be clear on
what you want to achieve.

So, keep on , keep it on, my friend 🙂

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as well as more videos from other
guitar instructors.

Take care,

Claude Johnson

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