10 reasons to get freaking excited

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Tomorrow is the big day.

The biggest blues guitar course of
the year.

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Boogie Blues Magic comes
from guitarist Jonathon “Boogie” Long…

Here’s 10 reasons why you should
order tomorrow:

Reason #1: “Boogie” is the winner
of the 2011 Guitar Center King of
the Blues contest. Plus he’s been
gigging and wowing audiences for years.
He definitely has a lot to share about
playing kick-ass blues guitar.

Reason #2: You’re gonna learn 7 core blues styles:
Minor Blues, Slow Blues, Funk Blues, Blues Shuffles,
Jump Blues, Delta Blues, and Southern Rock Blues.
How cool is that?

Reason #3: You’re getting 3 jam-packed
DVDs plus tabs… And the tabs are
also in powertab format so you can
watch the notes play on your computer,
or print them… Either way, makes learning a breeze.

Reason #4: You’re gonna learn some awesome blues rhythm
guitar. My favorite is the chop/funk rhythms, but
there’s a lot of great other stuff too…

Reason #5: You’ll dig the lead guitar stuff too.
Tons of awesome tricks and techniques you can
learn quickly.

Reason #6: Anyone who orders TOMORROW will be eligible
to win an RD-BLUES Spear Electric Guitar, worth $485.
It’s a beautiful guitar and it plays like a $2000 axe!
Actually I’m giving away 2 of them so your chances
to win this epic prize just doubled.

Reason #7: It’s a great time learning from Boogie. He’s
a cool laid back dude with a fun teaching style.

Reason #8: You’ll save tons of money
vs private guitar lessons. DVDs are a great
investment that you can watch over and
over and learn from at different stages
of your musical career.

Reason #9: I’m including a free 30-day
pass to the Guitar God club if you’re not
a current member. You’ll not only get
thousands of video lessons (including hundreds
of BLUES lessons) and thousands of jam tracks,
but you can participate in the new live
webinars we’ve doing. They are cool 🙂

Reason #10: It comes with an amazing
guarantee. Not only do you get my
famous 100%, unconditional 365 day
guarantee, but I’ll even refund
the shipping and handling if you
don’t love it.

So there you go, 10 reasons why
you’ll want to order “Boogie Blues Magic”


it goes live

3:00 PM EST
2:00 PM CST
1:00 PM MST
12:00 NOON PST

so get ready to boogie!


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