People have been asking me for years…

hi Friend,

Ok first I wanna share some exciting
personal news.

My wife just passed the bar and
is now licenced to practice law.

So don’t mess with me 🙂

Jk lol…not that you would.

In all seriousness, its a huge
accomplishment and I’m very
proud of her and happy her
career is moving forward. yay…

Onto Guitar:

I’ve really got some killer
stuff cooking up for you this

Several hot new teachers,
some amazing lessons,
some amazing promos, and
wait till you see my new guitar.

Today I want to share a lesson
on a topic that people have
been requesting for YEARS.

If I had a nickel for everytime
I got an email asking:

“Claude, you got anything on flatpicking”?

Now, some of you are probably
asking “Claude what the heck is flatpicking?”

haha… well its a loose phrase that really
encompasses a variety of techniques on
the acoustic guitar such as alternate
picking, strumming, and more.

Bottom line, I can say YES! I found
some great flatpicking lessons
courtesy of instructor Todd Butler.

Check out this lesson and I promise
it will definitely give you some
new strumming and picking ideas.

If it’s moving slow for you, fast
forward to the end to hear
how to play the tune:

“Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms”


After you watched it, you can also keep going
to the next pages, check his other vids
and buy his course if you want. It seems like pretty
solid stuff.

Enjoy and get ready for a turbo-charged
month of killer lessons and more.

Claude Johnson

P.S. Congrats to the winners of the Modern Acoustic Guitar
launch, Ronald W, Rob C, Steve D, winning the Rokstark
Lightheart acoustics…

And boy oh boy Tim T. you are a lucky son of a gun, you
won that Mothership pedal.

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