Modern Sounding Guitar Licks with the F Major Pentatonic Scale

Hey, how’s it going everybody this is John McLennan with Guitar Control, bringing you this video lesson about “Modern Sounding Guitar Lines”. What we’re going to look at here is a lick based off an F major pentatonic tonality.

Modern Sounding Guitar Licks with the F Major Pentatonic Scale a

Here we have the F chord and we’re going to start down on the 8th fret and this lick employs hybrid picking, which is where I’ll play with the pick and at times with my fingers, as well. Here it is slowly. So I got starting just a lot of range. I’m playing on the low strings all the way up to the high strings right away. So 8th fret, 7th, 10th and that happens to be an F triad right there. And then you go 8th, slide to the 5th, that’s 6, 7, 8, 6, 7, 5, 7 slide to 5, and then you’re going down pentatonic and jump from this note all the way up here.

This is a typical line that I’ll play, I’m thinking of an F triad here. See that? Then I jump all the way down to the first position with a half-step bend, replacing the major 3rd, up a half and bringing it back down. Again, slowly this is a tough lick, but it’s a good one to practice. You can play that over an F chord, or play it over D minor. It’s an interesting sound, the relative minor. But if you didn’t quite get all of that, be sure to check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

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