How to Play a “Must-Know” Slide Blues Guitar Lick

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Hey, how’s it going guys this is John McLennan with Guitar Control, bringing you this video lesson we’re learning a little bit about “Slide Playing”. This is a nice lick staple in you the blues repertoire and it’s in the key of a.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

We’re going to start by sliding into the fifth fret on the second string, to the note e, then we’re going to play the high a. We’re going to grab the high string and play this triplet rhythm, so it’s three, four, two, three, and that rhythm is just a staple in the blues like the Texas triplet, and then got that kind of blues phrasing on the end coming off an a blues scale. This is going to be the eighth fret, seventh fret, fifth fret, seventh fret, a real quick kind of grace note.

The whole thing all together sounds like this, now let’s try pulling up a backing track and what we’re going to do is play the lick and drop it into a 12 bar blues, we’re just going kind of improvise, it a little bit.

I might play it over the one chord, play it over the four chords, or the five. It works over all on them, let’s take a listen here, and then just keep it going. So you can see how it works in context and everything. So be sure to subscribe on our YouTube Channel and we’ll see in the next lesson thanks for watching.

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