How to Play a Cool Blues Turnaround Lick in the Style of Stevie Ray Vaughan – Blues Guitar Lesson

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Hey, how’s it going guys this is John McLennan with Guitar Control, thank you so much for tuning in. I want to teach you a “Cool Blues Turn around Lick in the Key of e” in the style of Allah Stevie Ray Vaughan, picked up from one of his recordings. It’s a great blues turn around, you’re going to add it to your arsenal of blues licks, and again the turnaround you know is such an important phrase to have a number of variations too.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

So let’s get started, we’ve got our first finger on fourth string sixth fret, and you’re going to have that g sharp note there. I’m going to begin with the e, before that two, two e’s, and then go to the sixth fret, and seventh fret on the fifth string. It’s kind of making a little e, you know a third implying, basic implying of your e major chord, and then going to a lot of times, you’ll have a kind of phrase like that, but this just sort of with some hammer ons and pull-offs doing a little bit of embellishing of that type of idea.

So that’s seven pull off to six, then you put this note on, you go eight pull off to seven, eight, nine, just keeps ramping up the energy as it’s going higher and higher. I originally picked this up off a recording called “Tell Me” I think that’s in c, but I use this turnaround all over the place. You can practice this lick, and then a great exercise for you to do is to move it around to blues in any key and then that’s just a big c7 chord here on eight, eight, nine, and then going down to the b7 which is the five chord. It’s the same thing that Steve Ray Vaughan did is play the chord up a half step and then go down.

Let’s hear it in the context one, two, three, four, all right. Be sure to subscribe on our YouTube Channel and we’ll catch you in the next lesson thanks for watching.

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