How to Play Blues Guitar Turnaround Lick in A7

Hey, how’s it going this is Jon McLennan with Guitar Control, I’m excited to bring you this guitar lesson, we’re doing some blues today and one of the things I really want to emphasize with the blues is you have to have a core vocabulary of turnaround lines and these are things that you can practice away and you’re going to start sounding like the tradition you know and pick up the guitar and play this example.

Blues Turnaround Lick in A7

I started off and I played basically through what I call an 8 bar blues and there’s a lot of variations to the blues chord progression but in the last two bars that’s typically where you want to play the turnaround lick and that’s going to take you from the end of the chord progression to cycle back around to the top.

So we’re playing in the key of A, I’ll give you the last few bars here we’ve got you for playing at 12 bar blues. What I’m doing is I hold my first finger down as if I’m barring like an A chord here and I play the open A-string which is on the 5th string then I play the 3rd string check holding down here at the 2nd fret so I play A and then A up on the octave and then I’m going to drop down to this low G on the 6th string 3rd fret, I’m going to plug the high A again on the 3rd string you get this and a nice challenge for your right-hand of skip strings and then I go to the 2nd fret and I’m using my second finger at this point.

Now I’ll put my third finger back on that 2nd fret 3rd string and again I just kind of keep going back to that A, if you can play this one note half the lick again I descent here I have 2nd fret 3rd fret and I put my first finger down and I grabbed the 1st fret and then I play the high 3rd string again 2nd fret finally down to open E.

This is like a very typical blues rhythm you’ll hear going into the E note so that would be on the 4th string playing E7 at that point or you can just hang on that note and then returns right back to the top. Let’s see if we can try this, will play together at 12 bar blues and then at the end we’re going to place that turnaround lick in the last two bars so we’ll take it slow here see if you can play along one two three ASAP you alright so practice that turn around lick be sure to click the link below for the tab and make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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