How to Play Blues Guitar in Blind Boy Fuller Style

This is the craziest blues guitar package I’ve ever offered. It features: 4 Teachers… 6 DVDs… 9 hours of instruction… 230 pages of easy-to-read tabs… A lifetime of blues guitar enjoyment… And one hot price. It all goes down on Tuesday the 13th. Check out today’s DVD preview lesson in the style of Blind Boy Fuller Okay, before we get into the picking, let’s have a look at the chords. It’s C, F and G, but it’s a particular C, F and G. The C is played like a normal C chord with two additions: one is you’re putting your pinkie on the top string, the high E string at the 3rd fret; and the other is that you’re getting two strings at once, the 5th and the 6th strings, you’re fretting both of them at the 3rd fret with your ring finger. That’s the C chord. And the F chord, your thumb comes up around the neck to get the 1st fret of the 6th string. And aside from that, it’s a normal F chord. You also have a regular, garden variety type G chord and G-7th. So those are the chords. Then, for the song… This is the basic lick and what you’re doing is you’re using C, you’re using F, and for a brief time you’re on no chord, because you’re just getting a note that’s nowhere near the chord, which is on the 4th fret. So you’re going, in the C chord, it’s the 6th string, the 1st string and the 4th string. So the bass is this. Then you come off the chord and your pinkie or your ring finger, if it’s more comfortable for you, goes and gets, just briefly, the 4th fret of the 2nd string. And then you’re back into the chord. Then for one beat you go briefly to an F chord and back to a C. And do it again. So it’s… Now, there’s a brief bass run. On your right hand you can just use your thumb for this, and then the bass goes. And in a “Blind” Blake manner you’re getting the note between the beats followed by the next beat. So it’s… But you also have a treble note on top of the 2nd of those two bass notes in that “Blind” Blake style thumb roll.

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