Easy Gallop Picking Technique for Metal Riffs

Ready to get your metal on? Check out this Gallop Picking Guitar TechniqueKiller Guitar Lesson on Metal Riffs from Guitar Control instructor Robert Baker. With the step-by-step video instruction and the free included tabs (just click the link) you will be rockin’ this must-know technique tonight!

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How’s it going? My name is Robert and thank you for tuning in today to GuitarControl.com and today I’m talking about the wonderful metal technique known as the gallop. So if you’ve listened to metal music at all you know what this is all about. I have a kind of a scaled-down version of the gallop, it’s not like a real intense riff or anything, but if you haven’t done this technique this is a great place to start. Now there are tabs for this lesson down below in the description.

Gallop Picking

Now the riff is pretty simple and before we really get into what’s happening there let’s just go over what a gallop even is. So a gallop is basically 3 notes; 1 2 3. So the first thing you have to do is… so it’s very similar if you were just to do like straight… the issue there is a space, like a bunch of fours, that’s 1 2 3 4 1 2 3, you know like that. Now a gallop is 1 2 3 and there is no 4, the 4 is silent is a good way to look at it, we’re removing that note. This is a big reason why I’m always saying a lot of times it’s all about the notes you’re not playing, listen how much more groove and kind of rhythm this has… so there’s a big difference there. So what we’re doing here is first you want to get that gallop done as palm muting, it’s very heavy palm muting, definitely not doing it open, that sounds like a surf song. So what we want to do here is you’re gonna play five on the A string and do a gallop four times. So now the speed I wouldn’t worry about that you right now, we’re gonna focus on getting the rhythm of it down. So were gonna go up to seven on the A… so one more time slow and this time I’m gonna do it with a power chord. So we’re gonna play five on the A and seven… There’s a little trick that’s happening here since we are playing a single note. So gallop number four is actually only two notes to accommodate for that extra note here; so it’s one two three, one two three, one two three one two, and gradually work on speeding up.


Well thank you so much for watching Easy Gallop Picking Technique for Metal Riffs . I hope you enjoyed it. The gallop is a great technique if you’re trying to get into metal music. So aside from that I hope you have a great day and get those tabs and I’ll see you next time.

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