Legato Lick – Guitar Exercise w/ Tabs and Video

Hi guitar friends! Many guitarists believe that using hammer-ons and pull-offs are easier than picking every note. Well, that’s only half true. When you’re not picking, your left hand has to do all the work… The good news is that you can really build up some ferocious chops if you work on it. You can really build some ferocious chops working on exercises like this. BTW… Please don’t be intimidated by the speed here — I wasn’t born playing fast, I had to practice too! Just be patient and work on your guitar practicing consistently, the chops will come! Here’s the tab — don’t forget, NO PICKING! only hammer ons and pull-offs here. Hey, guys. Claude Johnson with guitarcontrol.com. How’s it going? Today I want to show you a legato lick and these licks can be a little bit challenge. I noticed some of you guys are saying, hey, legato. Hey, Claude, isn’t that easy, because I don’t have to use my picking hand? Well, yeah, that is true. Most of the time in legato what we’re talking about is hammer-ons and pull-offs. However because we’re not using our picking hand, the left hand really has to work harder to get the notes, as you’ll see in this lick. So here’s the lick of the day. So slow, that’s… What we’re doing here is we’re winding our way down the A major scale using this three note per string pattern. Let’s just go to the pattern first. We starts on the 5th fret, low E string. That’s your A note. Then you go 5-7-9 and then again, 5-7-9. Then up to the D string, you’re going to go 6-7-9. And then on the G string again, 6-7-9. Learn that pattern. That’s the scale shape that we’re working on. This lick, we’re going to start with kind of a hammer-on from nowhere on the 6th fret of the G string. So we’re going to start 6-7-9, hammer up the string and back, like pull-off going back. The first part will be this. Then we’re going to go down to our D string with our pinkie and we’re going to do a hammer-on out of nowhere. It’s kind of different than a normal hammer-on. Normally we’re hammering-on, we’ve already got one of our fingers on the string. So this one you’re just hammering it on to the D string, even though we haven’t played there yet. Again, you’re going to go down and back up the D string. Now, here’s the trickiest part. We’re going to go back up to the G string and it’s a little bit trickier when you’re going to a higher string and hammering-on. You really have to forcefully hammer that. Going back up and then down. Please check the tabs because there’s a lot of notes in this lick. So check the link in the video description if you’re watching this on YouTube. Make sure you’ve checked the tabs. So far we have this… Then we’re going to go down to our A string. We’re going to go down and back up the A string. And then finally… So real slow, once again. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to check the tabs and I’m looking forward to talking to you guys soon. Over and out.

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