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Lead Guitar Lesson – Fast Legato Guitar Licks – Shred Guitar

Hello. This is Cameron Rasmussen for guitarcontrol.com.

So guys today I’m going to be talking to you about legato picking.
Legato picking is not really as much picking as it is hammer-ons
and pull-offs with your left hand. Your left hand is the bread
and butter of legato playing because it’s doing most of the work.

Now, when I say hammer-ons and pull-offs, for those of you who
don’t know, that’s when you literally hammer-on or pull-off to
another note from a note that you’ve picked. I’m going to use
A and B as my demonstration notes right now. If I pick A I’m
going to hammer-on to B. If I pick B now, I’m going to pull-off
to A, using my left hand to make every second note sound.
I’m not picking every second note.

Now the first lick I’m going to show you is only two picks
with your right hand, but the rest is all pull-offs with
your left hand. Like I said, that’s the bread and butter
of legato picking. So here we go. One more time.

Now I’m going to play the same kind of pattern for my
second example, but it’s going to be all hammer-ons.
The same picking pattern with your right hand, but
all hammer-ons with this hand. One more time.

With those first two licks I’ve shown you, they’re
very useful patterns and you can apply them to any
scale or anything that you want to. Your right hand,
the way it picks, isn’t going to change, but your
left hand, the positions, the notes that you pick
can change, but you can use the exact same movement
of fingers that I showed you. So instead of doing
just this over and over again, or this, you can do
this, or you can pull them all off.

The last lick I’m going to show you is a bit more
activity with your right hand for picking-wise,
but it is still legato playing because the majority
is your left hand still pulling-off and hammering-on
every note. So here we go. I’ll play it again.

All right, guys, so legato playing is a useful tool
to virtually every guitar player that there is, as
well are the other picking techniques that I’ve
shown you. Practice them and master them and
they won’t let you down.

Please click the link in the video description
if you’d like to see the tab for these examples
and I’ll see you next time.


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