How to Play A Jazz Lick in C Minor

Jazz Lick Over a II V I Chord Progression in C Minor -- Jazz Guitar Lesson
Jazz Lick Over a II V I Chord Progression in C Minor - Jazz Guitar Lesson How’s it going, guys. This is John McClennan and I’m here with, showing you a great lesson today on II V I licks, this time in the key of C minor. You’ll want to take this lick and practice it in all the keys, but we’re going to start, which is 10, 10, 10, 9 and then you could play a G7 sharp 9, 10, 9, 10, 11. You know, the old Jimi Hendrix chord. And then C minor 7 there. So the lick starts right on the root note of the II chord. Here is our D and then we’re starting up here. And I just think that that almost is like C minor, the scale there. And then chromatic. So this uses what’s called an enclosure. Let’s say that this is our target note, G, which happens to be playing in our C minor 7 chord. It’s the 5th. We play the note above it and then we go below and then we walk in. So it’s… It just gives a real nice embellishment and it outlines the chords, having specific chord notes and chord tones land on specific beats. That’s a big part of the bebop language and having it sound right. So here it is slow. And you could add an eighth note on the end just to give that bebop phrasing. So be sure to click the link below for the tab.

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