Rhythm Guitar Lesson- Latin Guitar Riff in A minor

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Rhythm Guitar Lesson- Latin Guitar Riff in A minor

Rhythm Guitar Lesson-- Latin Guitar Riff in A minor

How’s it going, guys? This is John McClennan
and I’m here with guitarcontrol.wpmudev.host, bringing
you some Latin grooves. This is a son montuno.
This is sort of like what a piano player would
play over a montuno vamp.

We’re looking at just three chords here in the
key of A minor. We have an A minor chord, a D
minor and an E and that’s it. It just goes back
down to D minor, A minor. So here’s the shapes:
7, 5, 5; and then 7, 6, 5 and then 9, 9, 7. So
be sure to click the link below for the tab for
this, but let’s jump right in.

So we’ve got one, two and, three — so that’s
A minor to D minor. Notice I’m playing the root
first and then the rest of the chord. Up to the
E and then — so going back from the root to the
chord. So here’s the first part. And then I arpeggiate.
So same thing, but that A minor I’m playing pick,
finger, finger. You’re going to want to put on your
metronome and just jam with this to get the feel
going. So A minor, D minor, E, just a couple
chords to work on that vamp.

Click the link below for the tab. We’ll see you
in the next lesson.