More Easy Funky Chord Progressions in E Minor

Hey, how is it going this is Matias Rendell with Guitar Control, today I’ll show you how to play an “E Minor Seventh Chord” in four different ways.


The first chord we’re going to be playing is the most common minor seven chord that we all know which is playing the seventh fret with your first finger, your index finger going to be barring all the core, and then with your ring finger playing the ninth of the fourth string and with your middle finger playing the eighth fret of the second string.

This is the most normal cord that we’re going to play, same chord using the fourth, third, second, and first string, you’re going to play from the fourth to the first string and playing that second fret fourth fret, third fret and then you’re going to play the first inversion of that chord, which is the fifth fret, seventh fret, fifth fret, and seventh fret, you’re going to be barring the cord with this, then we’re going to the second inversion of this chord you’re going to be playing the ninth fret, the ninth fret, the eighth fret, and the 10th fret, and finally the third inversion, your just going to play with your index fingers all the 12th fret for the fours to the first string.

You can now play different inversions of the E minor chord, there you have it you can now play an E minor seven chord in four different ways and this one that I specifically told you are great for funk. In funk guitar, players usually tend to focus more on the higher strings to sounds better. My advice is to practice them every day even if it doesn’t make sense or even if you’re not playing any rhythm at all.

Always look at the root of the chord, it’s going to help you a lot because when you transpose this to another chord you’re always going to be looking at the root then you’re going to know where this chord is located. These are new patterns and it’s very easy to get lost, but if you look at the root it’s going to be fine, that’s what I do all the time whenever I’m improvising chords. I hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson and get ready for the next.

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