Quick Guitar Lesson on 5 killer Licks in the Style of Greg Howe/Yngwie Malmsteen (Shred Guitar)

In this free lesson from Guitar Control, guitarist Silvio Gazquez demonstrates how to play “5 killer shred licks in the style of Greg Howe and Yngwie Malmsteen“.

🔥Lick 1: This one is a pentatonic-based fusion lick that uses several techniques, such as sweep picking, legato, tapping, chromaticism and arpeggios.

🔥Lick 2: This is another killer lick mixing up pentatonic and arpeggios. Very Greg Howish.

🔥Lick 3: This one is pentatonic based with the double barring technique. These kinds of ideas are pretty used by Greg Howe and Richie Kotzen.

🔥Lick 4: This is a killer A minor 7th arpeggio with sweep picking and a little legato and tapping.

🔥Lick 5: This is the Yngwie Malmsteen trademark arpeggio lick. The one he uses on pretty much all his guitar solos.

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