How to Play Single String Licks in the Style of Yngwie Malmsteen

Welcome to Guitar Control, today we’re talking about using “One Old String”.



I have two examples here for you; the first one is very in bay harmonic minor inspired, it’s a great one for learning how to sequence a run going only on one string. It goes all the way up and we’re going to grab our root and then our big old 5th and I think you’ll really enjoy this first one, so here’s the speed.

What’s going on here like I said it’s just a nice melodic sequence going through our harmonic minor scale all of in and Key to A. So we’re going to go like this it’s 7 and 4 in the high E, then you go five, and then seven, and then five, four, from there you’re going to shift up to the next position of the scale which is going to go eight, five, and seven, but you’re going to that same pattern up again. Now this shape is going to go ten, seven, eight, so you’re going to go 10, 7, 8, 10, 8, 7, so the sequence and pattern is exactly the same, just we’re changing our notes.

Next one will be 12 to 8 to 10 shifting up began 13, 10, and 12, now you go all the way up here, this is kind of a weird stretch if you’re not familiar with the harmonic minor. This is one of those signature harmonic minor shapes. We’re going to go 16 to 12 to 13 shifting up again another harmonic minor shape where you go 17 to 13, and 16, and 17, 16, 13, listen. I’ll repeat, you can do it like three four times whatever you want to do.

I start on the 15th which is our root and went all the way up to 22 and bend that D note up to an E, which is your 5th, a very envy thing to do. Next we’re going to use of our G major and it’s a four note grouping versus the other one was a six note grouping so there is definitely a field difference when you’re playing this one.

So what’s happening with this one we have a very nice little sequenced thing you feel like when you put a sequence to something it can have a lot of melody to it, even when it’s something fast so what I’m doing is I’m going seven on high E and three, then five, and I’m sliding up to eight, and I go 5, 7 to 10, 7, 8 to 12, 14, 15 then 12, 14, 15, 17, 14, 15, 17, 19, and went back to 15 which is our root note you can bend and do some kind of run out of it.

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