How to Choose the Right Guitar Practice Software

Technology has made it possible for guitar players to learn in ways we’ve never had before. Not only are there websites offering TAB transcriptions of some of your favorite songs, but video sites like YouTube offer great instructional videos that teach beginning guitar players every aspect of guitar playing.   Technology for guitar players extends well beyond websites and videos. Many software companies have developed guitar software that ranges from tuners for your electronic devices to TAB songwriting software geared toward the guitarist. Guitar practice software and apps are abundant as well, making it possible for you to practice your guitar with your computer, phone, or tablet.

GuitarControl YouTube Channel 

Apps like Guitar ToolKit for your phone and tablet feature a chord dictionary, tuner, metronome, and drum tracks you can play along with. Riffstation is an impressive program for PC that lets you load any Mp3 and decode the chords in the song. When I think of all the hours I’ve spent in my life trying to figure out songs, I realize how lucky today’s guitar players really are.

Guitar Scale System

Guitar Pro is software for the computer that offers compositional tools for the aspiring songwriter/guitar player. It includes all the bells and whistles (tuner, metronome, etc) in addition to a full back up band you can use to practice your playing or test your songs.

Tone Tutor

Other types of guitar practice software available include jam tracks that let you practice playing solos and licks in any key, ear-training software, chord identification training, and software that helps you get familiar with the fretboard.

Amazing Jam Tracks

Guitar practice software ranges in price. Some of it can be quite expensive, while others are reasonably priced. The software you choose is going to depend upon what you want to learn and how much you have to spend. Take into account when you look for software as a practice tool, you may still want to consider a guitar teacher or online instruction to help reinforce what you get from the software. In the end, though, if you can find a guitar practice software product that offers what you need, using your computer, tablet, or phone can be a great addition to other learning avenues.

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