How To Work On The Tone To Improve Blues Guitar Playing

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to talk about blues guitars and tone. One of the things that most guitar players are interested in is tone. We all want to sound great even if we don’t know exactly how to explain the tone that we hear in our heads. Many times we get confused thinking that the tone that works for us is another guitar player’s tone. It is not our fault, when we admire someone we start feeling that music like something that belongs to us in a certain way, and it’s a natural thing to feel that a part of our musical identity is related to those licks or chords from our influences as well as the tone. blues_guitars.JPG We all need to keep in mind that tone is not only the result of physical elements such as the guitar, its wood, its construction, the way the pickups are set and connected, the strings gauge, the type of pick, the amp, the cabinet, the pedals, the mic and so many other almost infinite items we could name here, but it is also the result of movement, strength, speed, and more subtle things that are related to the player. Here´s a cool video guitar lesson that you may want to check out! BLUES GUITAR LESSON Along the blues and rock history we have heard certain guitar players that have brought a complete new concept of tone to our musical world. But in most of these cases those players have also brought new ways of creating music with the guitar, not only in a melodic or harmonic way, but also technically speaking. That being said, there could be a connection between tone and style. And our personal style, our strength, our technical abilities, melodic and harmonic skills will completely define the final result of our tone. This can happen with or without a clear connection with the guitar we feel comfortable with. Any guitar player should look for his sound at the same time he researches into his own personal characteristics, for a global and real vision of how a certain tone can be achieved. After all playing guitar is like a very long chain where every single link counts. Keep on playing! See you soon! Gaby P.S If playing blues guitar is your thing, I recommend you to check out one of our best course in DVD: TOP BLUES COURSE

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