Get To Know Some Helpful Eric Gales Guitar Techniques

Hi everybody this is Eric gales with Guitar Control, what I hope to accomplish is to get across some of the ideas and some of the things that I’m thinking when I’m playing the guitar and show you a couple of techniques that I use, I will do my best to inform you of what notes I’m going to play, the ones that can name, and show you example of what I’m doing, it may look a little different, configuration wise.

Before we get started I’d like for you guys and girls to download and print the tabs that go along with this instructional DVD.

Before we start, I’m tuned to E flat, the first riff is called a step ladder riff and I’ll play it slow at a regular speed and talk about what kind of picking approach that I use, I’m using a step ladder technique and it’s basically a combination of starting the riff and not just going all the way up, with no stops. I like to go back and forth and give this a little stutter step.

If you notice on the fretting hand I like to use as many fingers as possible, to get them all in the party because it helps a lot doing rifts. Convenience is something that I like to incorporate. I’ll try placing my hand in the area of the note, that the next note is going to be, I rest my hand in a comfortable position that allows me to go, although my hands are pretty big but even short fat finger people can accomplish this. I know this for a fact you just go down and it’s a stutter step, the right-hand part of the rift the left-hand part of the rift is in a world of its own.

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