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Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here and in today’s guitar lesson I want to show you a lick that’s fast and flashy, but you actually don’t need a lot of chops to play it. I hope you’ll enjoy it and let’s just go right into it. Here’s the lick. Once again. So we’re in the key of C minor pentatonic and we’re going to be using a little rock cliche to start off the lick and the the blue note, which I’m going to show you as well. The first thing I’m doing is this, which is very similar to this classic lick, except we’re not going to do that last bend. We’re just going to stay right there. So what I’m doing here is 10th fret on the G string and full step bend. Then, we’re going to go to the B and E strings on the 8th fret. We go B, E, B. Get those four notes down first. And then finally, the 11th fret of the B string. We can use a little vibrato there. The next part of our lick is using the blue note and in the key of C. It’s right there on the 11th fret of the G string. I talked a lot about the blue note and different ways to use it inside my course “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”. So if you don’t have that course, please go pick it up, because it’s really — it’s got a lot of good stuff in it. I don’t think I showed this exact lick and what I’m doing here is something like this. It’s kind of like what I call a poor man’s shred lick because it’s fast and flashy but you don’t need a lot of chops to do it. It’s a four-note repeating lick. We’re using downstroke, downstroke and then hammer-on/pull-off. So 11th fret on the G string with a downstroke; 8th fret on the B string with a downstroke; and then hammer-on to the 11th fret and back. So it’s down, down, hammer-on, pull-off, down, down, hammer-on, pull-off. Now, I like to use my ring finger because — I guess you could use your pinkie, but it’s a little bit harder. The next part of the lick we’re doing the same thing but down here. Sixth fret to 7th fret on the B string and the 8th fret, but the picking and hammer-ons/pull-offs are the same. You could do this different ways, like with an up-stroke. Whatever feels most comfortable to you. Now, the tricky part about this lick is that it will shift. So we’re hitting — we do this like four times and then as soon as we hit this blue note, we’ve got to switch and go here on the B string, 6th fret. Now finally, we end the lick down here on the 5th fret of the G string. So put all those parts together and practice it and you can make your own licks from different parts of this. For example, just this little. It just works great if you’re in the pentatonic scale. Something like that. Okay? Have fun and looking forward to giving you some more lessons, as always. Thanks for being here and thanks for watching my channel. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and check-out if you’re not on my mailing list.

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