Secret Guitar Sauce!

Hey guys,

Here´s another sample of my new lead guitar course…



Secret Sauce – Amazing Sounding Lead Guitar Pattern
So now I want to show you guys the exact secret sauce that I
use to create those fast licks.

The first pattern we’re going to be going down three notes —
and this, by the way, is the 17th fret — 17th, 15th, 12th.
So we go down three notes and then to the next string. And
then we go back up. And then — so that’s a complete pattern.
So you go down, up, down and then down and up on the same
string. So real slow. You get that? Play it with me. I’m using
pull-offs here. So just pick it once and then pick. I’m really
picking when I’m going across the strings, but I’m using
hammer-ons and pull-offs when I’m on the same string.

Now we’re going to start the same pattern, same exact pattern,
on the next string. We’re always going to follow the note in
that scale. So let me break that down into exactly what I mean.
From the E string to the B string, I am playing the 15th fret.
But then when I get down to the G string, there is no note on
the 15th; it’s only on the 14th. So you could say 17, 15, 12,
and then 15 on the next string. So the next time I do it it’s
still 17, 15, 12, but then it’s 14. But if you understand that
the different notes are on different frets as we go down then
you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s exactly the same pattern.

So you put those together.

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