Fantabulous Guitar Secrets

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Hi there Friend,

Guitar is an endless journey.

And the more you play, the more
you want to play more.

On Wednesday, we are releasing another
fantabulous guitar learning DVD.

And its from a fantabulous player known
as Mike Miz.

He plays hundreds of shows a year and he’s
opened for some really big acts like Derek
Trucks, Shawn Colvin, and Blues Traveller.

His specialty is bluegrass guitar.

I got several kewl vids up on our latest blog.
Yes, he’s got some slick chops.

Dig it:

This course is coming out on Wednesday and I
recommend that you pick up a copy.

It will be released on this blog exactly at


(First 10 orders get a special surprise bonus.) 🙂

Whether you’re a rocker, a bluesman, a jazzcat,
a metalhead, or whatever…

There’s tons of killer techniques and secrets that
will add to your powerz on the geetar.

It never hurts to expand your knowledge and skills.

So check out the blog and get ready for a new
bag of tricks next week.

– Claude

P.S. if you haven’t picked up our compilation album,
please grab that right now while it’s fresh in your brain.
Speaking of brain, this is a no-brainer cause it’s 14
killer guitar tunes for just a buck. Go here:

Claude Johnson

Some courses from other teachers:



Sol Philcox

Clay Moore

Stefan Grossman

Silvio Gazquez

Derryl Gabel

Jimmy Dillon

If you need any help with anything or want
to write us for any reason, just head over to