How To Create Your Own Hot Licks – Eric Gales Guitar Lesson

Hey, how’s it going this is Eric Gales with Guitar Control, as you can see once I get into something I’m really comfortable with which is like in the blues area it comes out and I like to call it the direct “The Tourette’s Factor”. So if it gets to looking that you know me personally that moving around seems to mimic someone that has Tourette’s did you know I’m feeling pretty good from what’s going on there so once that starts happening I’m really in a really good place.

So basically all I’m using is just a combination this is an E and it’s just you know different blues riffs you can put any kind of rules wherever you want in there so if you remember this is that’s the same riff from earlier that I showed you in the beginning just a variation of it. That’s all it is this a different variation of it so basically what was just heard was like you know a rendition of you know some of the influence from like early Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker you know that sort of influence you know my own approach to it or not that’s very funny so whatever you have to do man that’s what it’s what I had to do is like wow I had no idea how some of this stuff was being played that I was lined up but I figured it out because I wanted it really bad and I knew I liked what I heard and I just wanted to hear myself to it so until I figured it out I didn’t stop and that’s what you shouldn’t do that’s one of the big things that you know I don’t think is taught in a lot of the instructional today if you don’t have it then you continue to do it you continue to do it until you feel like what you’re playing isn’t it’s just as inspiring to you as when you learned it from that’s a very deep piece of information when you play it and you feel inspired just as if you were hearing and learning from it.

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